We are in the middle of the racing season and are very happy to hear a lot of great comments on our products. Many pigeon fanciers are getting back to us with great results they have booked during the races of past weeks. Professional care, your experience and have proven to be a good combination.

One of the races many are looking forward to is the Barcelona race!

In the video below, Jos Thoné talks about the preparation of the birds for this first class race. He talks about the training of the pigeons, his long-distance loft and how to use RECUP FAST during preparation, not only after the race, but also the day before basketting!

We are proud to present you this video after the excellent results booked by Jos on the Montélimar race this weekend, with the same birds that will fly the Barcelona race!

Enjoy the video and happy preparations!

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  1. luis rene patiño morelos says:

    como se puede conseguir sus productos en mexico o estados unidos

  2. Ashley Shane says:

    Hello Friends,
    I have watched all the videos where Mr.Jos Thone is speaking on the products which he has used & I’m very impressed to know first of all how open- hearted you people are, you are ready to share with the rest of the pigeon world what you used so as to be successful in the race. So I a fancier from India has purchased all the products to use for the racing season this coming Jan’2012. I hope all fanciers are willing to share their secrets of success.
    Thank you,
    Ashley Shane. From the city of Chennai- South- India

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